Find a buyer without an agent.

One Percent (1%) Seller Commission

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The day of fundamental change has arrived to the real estate industry, and is delighted to bring it to you.

The full force of technology has been harnessed and now enables home buyers and sellers to achieve the benefits of the information age enjoyed by so many industries. Using these advances to their maximum is the first to offer a one percent real estate commission to home sellers.’s founder Ben Caballero, is the top producing agent in US history. While he respects the roles of traditional real estate practitioners he, like so many, has thought for some time technology would and should fundamentally change the way homes are bought and sold.

Mr. Caballero used his creativity, foresight, and innovative talents to develop the first internet centric business that dramatically changes and improves the way homes are bought and sold. He is very pleased that buyers and sellers will be the greatest beneficiaries.


No sign required. (For Sale and Open House signs available upon request) No internet posting or advertising required

No internet posting or advertising required

Buyer can pay less and sellers still net more

Increased control

No middlemen, aka agents, that are not always available, to slow you down

Objective Pricing Assistance

An Automated Valuation Model (AVM) rated highest for accuracy is provided to help in properly pricing your

The old way to sell a home

Here’s a typical buyer experience using a real estate website.

  • Time
    You spend time interviewing agents either referred to you or that you found on your own. You may have a relationship with the agent that sold you the home or maybe a relative is an agent. “ – Just complete an online description of your home and we begin looking for buyers for your home.”
  • Cost
    Agents charge 5%to 7% commission. “ – You pay one percent commission.”
  • Showings
    Agent says you must leave while your home is being shown. “ – You know more about your home than anyone, no one can show it better or answer buyer questions better than you.”
  • Staging
    Good agents give advice on Staging or preparing your home for sale. “ – Professional Stagers are available to help you.”
  • Pricing
    Good agents provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), unfortunately few agents know how to accurately use a CMA to accurately determine home values. “ – We provide the best Automated Valuation Model (AVM) available, it’s what banks use. It’s objective and if you have questions our experts counsel you on your concerns.”
  • Availability
    Agents are often on appointments, busy with their personal life, or otherwise unavailable. “ – Our personnel are always available during office hours.”

The new way to sell a home

  • Post a description of your home
  • constantly searches for buyers
  • invites prospective buyers to view your home posting
  • Buyers contact you to arrange home viewing

Selling Process

A contract will be transmitted to you online

You review contract
and make any necessary

E-sign contract

Accepted contract is
electronically transmitted
to buyer, seller,
title company and, lender

Our representative consults with you all the way to closing.