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The day of fundamental change has arrived to the real estate industry, and HomeJet.com is delighted to bring it to you.

The full force of technology has been harnessed and now enables home buyers and sellers to achieve the benefits of the information age enjoyed by so many industries. Using these advances to their maximum HomeJet.com is the first to offer a one percent real estate commission to home sellers.

HomeJet.com’s founder Ben Caballero, is the top producing agent in US history. While he respects the roles of traditional real estate practitioners he, like so many, has thought for some time technology would and should fundamentally change the way homes are bought and sold.

Mr. Caballero used his creativity, foresight, and innovative talents to develop the first internet centric business that dramatically changes and improves the way homes are bought and sold. He is very pleased that buyers and sellers will be the greatest beneficiaries.

Homes Only Found Here

Learn of homes not listed anywhere else

One Percent Total Commission

Buyer can pay less and sellers still net more

Save time

No wasted weeks or months spent searching websites, culling through unacceptable or unavailable homes.

Increased control

No middlemen, aka agents, to slow you down

The old way to buy a home

Here’s a typical buyer experience using a real estate website.

  • Spend hours searching multiple websites to find homes,
  • Make a list, call an agent and wait for a return call
  • When the agent returns your call you learn they know nothing about the home. They bought your lead. (You are a commodity now)
  • You give them the list and wait for a call back.
  • Agent tells you some of the homes, probably the best ones, are sold or under contract
  • You schedule viewings
  • Repeat above steps again and again

Then you hear about Pocket Listings or Coming Soon Listings. These are homes not on the market yet. Great, all you have to do now is call around to see if you can find an agent with private listings.

Agents will ask you to sign a representation agreement obligating you to pay them a commission if you find a home on your own, read carefully before signing.

The new way to buy a home

  • Describe the home you want
  • Provide evidence of financial ability to purchase
  • HomeJet.com notifies you when a seller’s home matches your specifications.
  • View available homes.
  • Decide when you have an interest in a home.
  • You contact Seller to view homes of interest.

Buying Process

Use online contract template

Contract is prepoulated with data from buyer and seller profiles

Buyer enters remaining information like price, closing date

E-sign contract – HomeJet.com sends to seller

When accepted, contract is electronically transmitted to buyer, seller, HomeJet.com title company and lender

Your HomeJet.com representative consults with you all the way to closing