About HomeJet

One Percent (1%) Seller Commission

Who is HomeJet.com

HomeJet.com is a subsidiary of HomesUSA.com®, a leading provider of real estate marketing services to the homebuilding industry founded by Ben Caballero. HomesUSA.com® is a proprietary web based platform that uses leading technology to save clients 15 to 40 days marketing time. The experience gained developing these customized and sophisticated solutions created a can do culture that gave us the courage to think boldly. HomesUSA.com® is a licensed real estate company but does not practice traditional retail real estate.

How HomeJet.com came to be

Not being invested in the ways of traditional real estate gave us the freedom to think objectively. The more we examined how homes are bought and sold, the more certain we became there was a better way. It is apparent the technology that has so greatly improved our lives has only brought superficial benefits to home buyers and sellers because it was being misused.

The Problem:

We asked why should buyers spend time wading through the maze of real estate websites looking for a home, especially when some are not for sale. To complicate matters there is a growing trend for agents to maximize commissions by taking “Pocket Listings” or “Coming Soon Listings” which are private and not entered in a Multiple Listing Service or publicized on the internet. Sellers want buyers so why must buyers do so much work looking at websites or contact multiple agents who may have a private listing. Buyers deserve better.

The Solution:

Our solution is to reverse the process by providing a place for buyers to post a description of their desired home and a place for sellers to post a description of their home. When there is a match buyer and seller are notified and are free to arrange a viewing. No wasted motion, just quality results by viewing homes actually available. Buyers make offers using a contract template approved by a real estate commission, bar association or Realtor association. Because buyer and seller profiles are in our system, contracts are pre-populated and easily completed by buyers.